Science based, humane dog training

Science based, humane dog training

Science based, humane dog trainingScience based, humane dog trainingScience based, humane dog training

General class info

How our classes work

Most of our classes are "session" classes with a particular start and end date. We have a few classes that are rolling admission, flex classes. This is indicated in the class descriptions below

Class costs vary, but most group classes are $190 for 6 one-hour classes. 

Our Manners classes follow a "levels" program where you can move up at your own pace. This step-by-step approach teaches a dog how to succeed in a variety of situations.  We also find that this training makes it more enjoyable for the owners by moving along as skills are gained, and progressing on your own timeline. The Levels system will also help you to understand when your dog is ready for our sports and other advanced classes. 

Vaccinations and other health info: please upload your dog's vaccination record when signing up for class, or bring to your first class. Puppies should be vaccinated appropriately for their age. All dogs and puppies must be vaccinated in accordance with state law and your veterinarian's advice. 


Our Manners Classes

Puppy Classes


Our group Puppy Kindergarten classes will get your puppy (under 20 weeks) off to a great start! We work on the beginnings of basic obedience skills, such as sit, down, leash walking, come when called, with plenty of time to discuss puppy issues and socialization. Puppy classes are offered on Monday and Wednesday evenings, and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Our Puppy K class fee includes a copy of the book "The Toolbox for Building a Great Family Dog" by Terry Ryan

Puppy Day School


We offer day school for pups under 6 months, or older with instructor permission. Pups come and stay with us for a half day. Our day school provides the perfect combination of play, rest and learning for younger dogs who may be too overstimulated by regular day care. Day school is currently offered on Mondays and/or Thursdays from 12-5. The cost is $275 for 4 days., plus one semi-private class for you to attend with your pup. 

Basic Manners


​For dogs older than 5 months. Start fresh with new skills or brush up if you haven't been training for awhile. We will cover Sit, Down, Stay, Come when Called, Leave it, Leash Walking and Polite Greetings. Each dog/handler team progresses through the levels at their own speed. Manners classes are offered on Monday and Wednesday evenings, Tuesday r Wednesday mornings, and Saturday mornings or afternoons. 

Reactive Dog classes


Does your dog bark, lunge and get stressed when they see other dogs, people or strange sights? Learn skills to help yourself and your dog stay calm in these situations. This semi private class has at least a 1:2 instructor:student ratio for maximum safety and attention. Reactive dog classes are generally held on Thursday evenings and occasional Tuesday evenings. 

Sports classes



Classes are held on Sundays and occasional Tuesdays. 

Agility 1: For dogs new to agility. Your dog will jump, climb and go through tunnels as you learn to communicate as a team. Prerequisite: a basic obedience/manners class, here or elsewhere.

Agility 2: In this class you will start to combine obstacle skills into a course. Registration by instructor permission.

Agility 3: More advanced handling skills will be taught. Registration by instructor permission

Scent work


Scent work is a game any dog can play- age, athletic ability, even obedience level are not important. It builds confidence in a shy dog or burns off energy in an active dog. Classes are held on Saturdays and Tuesday evenings. 

Intro Sports and Games, Runthru's, etc.


Sports Sampler, Tricks, and other intro to sports classes. 

Rally Obedience classes and run-thru's. 

Fenzi TEAM class. 

Try something new with your dog! Prerequisites vary, check each class description. 

Various days and times: Sports Sampler runs once per month on Saturdays. Rally Obedience on Fridays. Use the button below to view current offerings. 

More Everydog Activities



This is a short, free meeting, without your dog, to go over class rules, learn how our training works, and go over any questions you amy have. Required before starting Puppy Kindergarten or Manners 1, and recommended before starting your first class at Everydog

Play Groups


We offer a weekly Small Dog Playgroup on Sunday afternoons and a new Puppy Playgroup on Tuesday mornings.



Monday, Feb. 24, 7:30pm- CGC and Trick Dog testing

Fenzi TEAM


Fenzi TEAM

New Fenzi TEAM class starting March 28

We have started a Fenzi TEAM practice group at Everydog. ​ We're currently revising the schedule and will post the new practice times here. For more information on Fenzi TEAM, go to: if you are interested. 

Book club


Our book club meets approximately monthly. ​
For more information or to register, contact Leah:

Canine Good Citizen prep and test


Canine Good Citizen prep and CGC testing- We have a CGC prep class on Mnday nights, and we also work on CGC skills in our Level 2 Manners classes. We have two CGC evaluators on staff, and schedule a CGC or Trick Dog test periodically. The next test is Monday, Feb. 24, 7:30 pm. Please contact us if you are interested:

Upcoming events and class start dates

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We offer private, one-on-one training  in addition to group classes. Please use the "send message" button below to contact us for more information.

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